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Having a baby is one of the greatest joys in the world, and parents will know that there is nothing more rewarding than welcoming a new member into the family. Being prepared and effectively supported will allow expectant parents to experience a positive birth and to cope with challenges ahead. The support and advice provided by BabyBreeze Care team will serve to reduce the stress of all parents, ultimately creating a better experience of early parenthood.

The founder of BabyBreeze Care, Lily Teh, is a State Registered Nurse and State Certified Midwife trained in UK, and has worked in UK and Australia for six years. She holds a Bachelor of Nursing from the University of Newcastle, Australia. Lily has worked as a Nurse Manager in the Delivery Suite of Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Singapore for 14 years. Hence, she has over 30 years of experience working in Singapore’s private and restructured hospitals. She has also assisted many women in labour; helping them to achieve successful and safe births. She puts the well being of both mother and baby as her top priority and her expertise and experience will greatly enhance the confidence in parents caring for the newborn and dealing with parenting issues. 

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Here at BabyBreeze Care, we offer a wide range of classes and services so as to cater to the needs of every parent.


These classes will allow expectant parents to obtain information in preparing for birth and parenting and to allow them to make more informed decision. Some of the topics discussed during class include birth plan, posture and backcare, pain management, labour signs and symptoms and routine of baby at birth

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These classes are focused on educating parents on how to care for their baby in the best possible way by teaching parents on issues such as handling and bathing of the newborn, umbilical cord care, feeding, recognizing changes in newborn condition and initiating first aid.

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This workshop concentrates on various techniques and skills required for breastfeeding to be carried out successfully. Some of the topics include breastfeeding position, good latch technique and increasing milk supply.

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While the fetus is still in the comforts of its mother’s womb, it will constantly experience the gentle movements made by the mother. Once born, the baby is most sensitive to touch and thus, parents can use the powers of touch to effectively meet the needs of the baby. Furthermore, it allows the parents to communicate and develop a bond with the baby.

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Such massages aim to help restore the bodies of mothers who have just given birth to its pre-pregnancy state. These massages have certain health benefits to help mothers overcome the strains brought about by pregnancy so that they can revert to their original lifestyle immediately.



One of our more popular services which distinguish us are our mobile and private services where we are more than willing to make the trip down to the homes of our clients. Parents do not have to take the trouble of travelling distances so as to attend the classes and can just remain in the comfort of their own home and enjoy personalized interaction and attention.

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Due to the hectic lifestyles of most parents, they are often not at home to observe and care for their child. Hence, our babysitting services does that job for you as we will ensure your baby’s safety and comfort by engaging them in several beneficial activities while the parents can go to work in peace.

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Confinement nannies serve to aid and assist parents in taking care of their newborn and will be able to use their experience in this field to give suitable advice to parents. They also help to prepare nutritious confinement food to help the mother to recover from pregnancy and birth. The nanny will ease the workload of the mother and allow parenting to be more enjoyable and educational.

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